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Become a Participant or a Sponsor

A Participant pays only $15.00 dollars a year minimum or more if they can afford to.

A Sponsor pays $1,000.00 a year minimum and will be shown on the site as a Sponsor, initially in the order that they joined.

Every few months we will update the site and show Sponsors, first, in the order of their contribution and then in the order of joining.

All enrollers of Participants and Sponsors earn 33% on the first $90 and 30% of the next amount submitted.

Enrollers also earn 50% bonus of the earning of the one they enrolled if they themselves earn $1,000.00 a year and the one enrolled also earns $1,000.00 a year.

Participants and Sponsors can enroll each other and earnings accrue but are paid out in minimums of $100.00

DSR World Peace
Become a Participant or a Sponsor
Option 1 : $15 Yearly
Option 2 : $30 Yearly
Option 3 : $60 Yearly
Option 4 : $90 Yearly
(Participant donation over $90)
Sponsor Donation - $1,000 Yearly

(Sponsor donation over $1,000)

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DSR World Peace

World Peace Society
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DSR World Peace

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